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About Brilliant Optronics

Enjoy Light, Enjoy Life

Brilliant Optronics is a design company of liquid crystal materials. We focus on customized liquid crystal materials and optical design and have the capability to produce it based on the flexible film process, which can be utilized in transparent display, electronic paper and smart windows. In addition to providing customized total solutions, we can also supply liquid crystal materials and small-sized liquid crystal films with a width of 400mm. Furthermore, the larger-scale film production lines for smart windows are currently under developing and will be available soon.

Our Technology

Multi-function liquid crystal smart window film can be directly laminated on the existing glass. The glass thus can be selected between transparent, privacy protection, window tinted and image display state. It solves the current challenges including single-function and high cost from glass replacement.

Besides the smart window material, Brilliant Optronics also focuses on the LC based  optical techniques like light shutter and reflective display. We have rich experience in improving the EO properties of the traditional liquid crystal like twist nematic liquid crystal (TNLC) and Cholesteric liquid crystal (CLC).

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