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What is Cholesteric Liquid Crystal?

Cholesteric liquid crystal (CLC), as a one-dimensional photonic crystal, can reflect circularly polarized light in specific wavelength bands through material adjustment. Additionally, it possesses bistable characteristics, enabling stable existence between different phases without consuming energy. Based on the above description, CLC electronic paper (e-paper) technology can display static images without consuming energy, similar to traditional paper. By stacking CLCs that reflect different colors, full-color display effects can be achieved. Furthermore, the reflective display principle contributes to clear readability in bright environments and has eye protection benefits. Compared to commercially available e-paper technology, CLC e-paper can have better color saturation, wider color gamut, and superior operating temperature range, making it suitable for electronic readers, price tags, outdoor advertising billboards, and other devices.

What does BO can do?

Brilliant Optronics has develope the CLC reflective display for years and owns different technology to enhence the birght and dark state for higher contrast ratio. Besides, we also provide the optical measurment service including the relectance, sprectrum, response time, polarized microscope (POM) to test the perofrmance of the CLC. Also, we can provide the analysis results and improvement solutions.

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