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What is FlexiBO?

FlexiBo is the LC film product of Brilliant Optronics. Brilliant Optronics is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of liquid crystal films. Leveraging our expertise in fabricating a flexible and custom-shaped films, combined with the various optical properties of liquid crystals, we produce a diverse range of liquid crystal films and offer customized services. Liquid crystal films exhibit exceptional performance in display applications, making them ideal for smart home display systems, automotive applications, and other smart living display solutions.


What else does FlexiBO offer?

Besides the liquid crystals based on Brilliant Optronics technologies, we also help customers to generate the LC film with your own material. Brilliant Optronics offers professional liquid crystal film lamination and manufacturing services. With extensive experience in liquid crystal film production, we are well-versed in alignment conditions and fabrication techniques suitable for various liquid crystal materials. We can produce liquid crystal film samples according to your needs, breaking the limitations of laboratory-scale samples and showcasing your materials on large, flexible films, thus facilitating broader application of your innovative achievements.

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