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Novel LC Technologies

Bi-stable transparent/Scattering LC

The function of switching between transparent and scattering is common in smart windows. However, we always need to keep the power to maintain the scattering or transparent, which is power consuming. Brilliant Optronics designs the bi-stable transparent/scattering mode liquid crystal mode that you can just use a pulse power to change the state of the smart window. And the optical performance shows a good hiding power in scattering state and good transparency in transparent state.


Color changeable Cholesteric Liquid Crystal

The conventional CLC need three layers to perform the expected color according to the combination of colors from each layer. Multi-layers always result in high cost Brilliant Optronics provides the CLC that can be modulated to different color according to the level of input voltage. The initial reflection color can be selected to meet your requirement.

Mirror/Transparent changeable LC

Besides scattering, tinting and transparent, Brilliant Optronics also provide the mirror/transparent switchable material. Without voltage, the material shows a great mirror reflection. After applying voltage, the mirror will become a transparent window. This special feature can be applied in anywhere, welcome to share us where you want to use it!

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