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Multi-Function Smart Window Liquid Crystal

Multi-Functional Smart Window Material

For the smart window technology, the scattering and tinting controllable mode is commonly used. However, the traditional smart window only provide single function, like you can only select to control the tinting and scattering. Brilliant Optronics breakthrough this limitation and we can supply the liquid crystal material that can generate transparent, tinting and black scattering state in single device. We can customize the transparency and the haze value to meet your requirement. Please be free to let us know your expected performance.






Tinting Smart Window Material

Brilliant Optronics also provides the active control of tinting liquid crystal mode with high contrast ratio. For this mode, the image can maintain the clarity but change the brightness. Welcome to tell us the optical performance you want and we can design the material for you.

Scattering Smart Window Material

We also provide the conventional smart window with transparent and scattering. The special feature of our material is that it can provide transparent state without voltage and the transparency is improvided in different viewing angle. The scattering state also provides a good hiding power for the bacckground.

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